Welcome to the Events page at Jeremy Donovan! This is where readers will find all the great happenings in and around Australia. Showcases, art exhibitions, live shows (both online and actual), and much more. This blog hopes that you find the next big adventure on your art exploration journey.

Original Aboriginal Art and Music – Sidney

Have you heard about the Original Aboriginal art show? This is an annual event that always entertains and wows. Hundreds of artists gather to showcase their latest work. Aboriginal artists show how their process works. Great original music themes the whole day. Visitors can even eat some truly traditional food to bring it all together. Don’t forget the wise speakers.

Conference on Aboriginal Art and Indigenous Peoples – Auckland

This event is on the more serious side of things. There is still lots to learn. However, if you are simply looking for a fun day out, this may not be it. The conference is well-known for its information sessions and Aboriginal keynote speakers. Issues surrounding indigenous people, their art, their heritage, and more are addressed.

All About the Art –Online

All About the Art is a new art event. It is held with the aim to give artists across Australia the chance to showcase their work. Many artists don’t have the means to attend actual art shows. This event is made to allow art from all over to come to life. Look forward to paintings, sculptures, poetry, stories, and music.

Aboriginal Only – TBD

This is an elite event where only indigenous artists are allowed. Other people may attend the event, but the art is authentically Aboriginal. There is a sort of sacredness to this event. Many artists actually sit and do their art while people watch. It is a beautiful way to learn more about the heritage of the Aboriginal people.