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At this blog art is loved in all its forms. From music to paintings to rock drawings to fashion. This blog loves it all. You will find that the blog features a lot of work and information about Aboriginal art. This is where the interest of this blog is. It is important to keep this amazing part of Australian heritage and history alive.

Aboriginal Art and Artists

Aboriginal art can be found across this website. It features up-and-coming artists and their works. This site has interviews with different artists and it shares lots of great information about Aboriginal art and its origins. It is hard to not be fascinated by the skill and history of Aboriginal art.

Musicians and Speakers

On this site visitors will find information and features on musicians, both in the Aboriginal genre and other genres. It also shares events where readers can meet artists and listen to inspirational speakers share their stories. It will definitely never be boring in this blog.


Go to the Events page to see where the next great thing is happening. Once you start learning about this beautiful art form, you will want to know more and more.


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