Jeremy Donovan: The Short Story

Jeremy Donovan is one of the most well-known descendants of the Aboriginal people. He didn’t know that he was from an indigenous people until his teenage years. Jeremy is a descendant of the Kuku-Yalanji tribe of far North Queensland. He is also known as Jeremy ‘Yongurra’ Donovan.

Jeremy had a troubled childhood and spent most of his young life in foster care. As with so many kids, he had a tough timewhilst in foster care. His early life experiences eventually landed him in jail as a teenager. It is here where he started learning the truth about his heritage.


Jeremy found out that his father was from the Aboriginal people. He grew up in the Maori culture, so this changed everything for him. While in jail, he learned a lot about the Aboriginal culture and traditions. He also eventually met his grandfather who was a great mentor. His wisdom and guidance helped Jeremy turn his life around.

Today, Jeremy Donovan is a well-known Aboriginal descendent, artist, musician, and speaker. He has given many talks on his culture and experiences. He also shares his art and music with anyone who wants to learn about the Aboriginal people. Jeremy is no longer that troubled teenager.


Jeremy’s experiences shaped him and led to the who he is today. He inspires, teaches, and guides many young people through his art and talks. He is a great example of how a person can change their life and be more than they think they can be.

Jeremy can be contacted through different social media platforms. If you would like to hire him as a speaker or just learn more, he is open to connecting with people.


Beautiful Art Can Be Intoxicating

Beautiful art, be it from a famous artist or a local part-time artist only just scraping by on their art, can be a source of great inspiration. It can help kick-start relationships, new careers or even be the source of business ideas. There are surely quite a few slot games in online casinos such as where the games have been inspired by famous works of art.

Beautiful art can be inspirational and intoxicatingly beautiful. Here are some other ways that great art can help.

Art Can Reduce Anxiety


People who have a tendency towards anxiety and feeling bad can be helped through good art. They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, meaning that every individual will have their own definition of what they find appealing and beautiful. By surrounding yourself with art from artists or artworks that a person admires, it can be a means to reduce anxiety and to feel better.

Art Can Help with Communication


Good art can also be an effective ice breaker. For instance, having a small statue or poster of a famous work of art in the office can be an effective way to make visitors and guests feel at home. It can simply be a conversation starter. If the person visiting your office also happens to be an art afficionado then that it an added benefit.

Because art relaxes, people find it easier to communicate. It can help start relationships and understanding between people simply because they have a shared appreciation for good art.


Aboriginal Art Forms Everyone Can Enjoy

Art is an ancient form of expression. Since time began, humanoids used drawings, chanting, and music to express themselves. Art was used as a way to tell stories and pass down history. It was and still is a way to give meaning and substance to things that cannot be expressed in words.

The Aboriginal people in Australia have lived there for thousands of years. Many of their traditions and history are found on rock drawings. Today, these indigenous people produce their stories in more modern art forms.


Traditions, history, and life stories were drawn on rocks in the past. Today, Aboriginal artists express their stories through paintings on canvas. Every artist has a different approach and has something different to say. As with all art, each artist is unique in their view and expression of what they want to say.



Another way that these artists express themselves is in photography. This may seem like a too modern form for an indigenous people. However, some the most successful and popular Aboriginal artists are photographers. They capture people, moments, and objects to express their stories in new and unique ways. The pictures can be quite interesting.


Music is another age-old art form. The Aboriginal people have their own instruments and type of music. Music forms part of their traditional ceremonies and celebrations. They use instruments like clapping sticks and the didgeridoo. They invented these instruments. It gives their music its unique sound.


Other forms of Aboriginal art include fashion designs, bodypainting, and sculptures. The art has definitely taken on a more contemporary feel in terms of media. However, the history and rich heritage that is expressed still remains. They have just found new and more complex ways to share their stories.

Many of these art forms come together at local art festivals. Visitors can experience all the Aboriginal art from paintings to music to dancing. It is quite an experience and not to be missed. There are different festivals held throughout the year across the Northern Territory. You will also find some demonstrations and festivals further out.

Aboriginal art is unique and inspiring and rich. It expresses stories and emotions that entices the mind and stirs the heart. If you have the opportunity to experience this art for yourself, don’t hesitate to take it.