The Not-So-Surprising Role of Music in Casinos

Music is great. Music is powerful. Music is psychological and emotional. No wonder brick-and-mortar and online casinos like use it with their games. It has been proven that music can change how we feel. Music can also steer our thoughts in certain directions with lyrics. So, how does this help casinos?

It’s quite simple really. Music can affect and change peoples’ moods. For instance, some casinos use it to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. This makes players feel relaxed and they take their time. The longer they stay in the casino, the more money they spend.


When it comes to games like roulette and blackjack, music can influence behaviour. Studies have shown that people bet regardless of the music beat. However, they have different effects. Low-tone music make players stay in the game longer and keep betting. Higher-tone music, or upbeat music, drive intensity, meaning they place riskier bets.

Most people don’t contemplate the role of music at online casinos. Very few people notice or listen to the background music that is played in casinos. These impacts are even used in online casinos. Many people turn the sound off or play their own music, however.

Clearly, there is more to the music you hear, in casinos and other places. You may not always be aware of it, but it can affect emotions in a very subtle manner. Next time visiting a casino or playing online, make surekeep an ear out. See if you can figure out what they want you to feel and do.


4 Interesting Things About Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal culture is part of Australia’s history. The Aboriginal people are a treasured part of this island’s heritage. Art has been a way to tell their stories and share their culture for centuries. This blog aims to preserve this rich heritage and the beautiful and meaningful art that these indigenous people create.

To appreciate Aboriginal art, you need to know a few things.

Only an Aboriginal artist can create Aboriginal art

You have to be part of one of the indigenous tribes to create Aboriginal art. Anyone can learn the techniques and make a painting. However, if they are not Aboriginal, their art cannot be called or represented as Aboriginal art.


The art always tells a story

The indigenous tribes use art to tell their stories. They share special events or historic occurrences. They tell stories passed on to them from ancestors. Each work of art, regardless of the medium, tells a story.

Dots were used to disguise meaning

One of the characteristic techniques of Aboriginal art is dot painting. It is a recognisable feature of Aboriginal paintings. It is most often seen in art from the Pintupi tribe. When the white settlers came to Australia, the indigenous people started using double-dotting. This was to hide any meaning they didn’t want the white people to know about.

Some stories need permission

When painting stories from their own lineage, permission is not needed. However, if an artist wants to tell a story about history or that is not from their lineage, they need permission. Permission must be given by the relevant tribe.

These are only some of the interesting things about Aboriginal art. They don’t have a written language. Symbols are very central to their culture and how they communicate. Once you start learning about them, you just want to know more. With a such a rich history and beautiful art, it is easy to understand the fascination.